by Nimue and Valentine


1. Connecting to MUD
1.1. WizTerm, MUD's Dedicated Windows Client (Downloadable)
1.2. Direct Connections
1.3. Other Ways to Connect
1.4. MUD's IP Address
2. The Basics
2.1. Creating a Character
2.2. Signing In
2.3. Changing your password
2.4. Forgot your password?
3. The Object of the Game
4. Starting to Play
4.1. The Tearoom
4.2. Entering the Land
4.3. Swamping Treasure
4.4. Fighting and Killing
4.5. Talking to Players


1. Connecting to MUD

MUD is played through a telnet application, which is a standard utility that allows you to interact with a remote computer in text mode. You can connect to MUD directly from this page by using one of our telnet or java links below, or you can download MUD's dedicated client, WizTerm.

1.1. WizTerm, MUD's Dedicated Windows Client (Downloadable)

WizTerm is a client program programmed especially* for MUD by Sirsloth the wizard. In addition to the standard enhancements offered by many commercial mud clients (an input line, macros, aliases, etc.), WizTerm provides MUD-specific features such as automatic player tracking to the F-keys, an auto-drink command, hit and sleep counters set especially to MUD's internal timers, special split-screen snoop windows, and auto-logging of your game sessions.

WizTerm is free, and is maintained by Sirsloth. Follow the link to Sirsloth's pages, below, to view the system requirements for WizTerm, read more about WizTerm, download a copy, or access the WizTerm manual.

WizTerm Links

Visit Sirsloth's WizTerm Homepage
(Opens a new window in your browser)
View the WizTerm Manual The WizTerm Manual
(Opens a new window in your browser)
Download WizTerm.exe WizTerm32.exe
Play MUD in your browser with JWizTerm    
(older, unsecure browsers only)

*We used to say "officially endorsed" here, but some folks took this to mean that everything you can do with WizTerm is also officially endorsed! In any case, this is just a game, so who cares what's official and what isn't?

1.2 Direct Connections

You may connect directly to MUD from this page by following one of the links below.

 Plain Telnet
Quick and easy, but rather Spartan.
Primary Connection    Port: 27750
Alternate Connection    Port: 27750


On a Windows PC, if neither of the above work, you can bring up the "built-in" Windows telnet by clicking Start, Run,... and typing telnet 27750.


1.3. Other Ways to Connect

While the game administrators do not recommend or endorse any particular program, you may find the following links useful if you are unable to use either the direct telnet or java connections or WizTerm.

For Mac Users:

Rapscallion (
Savitar (

For Unix and Linux Users:

TinTin++ (

For Amiga Users:

Amimud (

An important note to non-WizTerm mud client users: Some mud clients provide a feature that allows you to automatically reconnect to the game. Some players occasionally leave this feature on when their computer is unattended. This causes problems for everyone. For this reason, if you connect to the game continuously without ever logging on with a persona, it may be necessary to disable incoming network connections from your computer altogether.

1.4 MUD's IP Address

The numeric IP address is subject to change without notice. You are urged to use the symbolic address whenever possible. Same thing goes for the alternate address,

2. The Basics

2.1 Creating a Character

The first time you sign into MUD, you will need to create a character. You will first see this message:

   Welcome! By what name shall I call you?

Enter the name you would like to use. Your name will be limited to 9 characters. If you type in a longer name, your name will be truncated to the first 9 characters. Avoid selecting obscene names, since although the game may not catch the name and refuse its use, an immortal in the game may require you to change your name.

After you enter your name, you will be asked what sex you would like your character to be. Although, it may seem obvious, your only choices are male or female. You can type either f or m as appropriate.

After entering your sex, you will be asked for your email address. You must enter a valid email address to create a character. You will then be asked to type your email again to confirm your email address. After that, you enter the game and may go ahead and play.

The password for your character will be sent to the email address you entered upon registration. Use this password to connect the next time you play. You may change your password using the PASSWORD command and entering the information requested at each prompt. More complete instructions are below.

2.2 Signing In

Signing in is an easy process. You need only enter two pieces of information: your character name and your password. If you are logging in for the first time after you created your character and have not changed your password, use the password which was sent to the email address you provided during character creation.

2.3 Changing your password

You can change your password within the game using the PASSWORD command. You will be asked to enter your current password, the new password you would like to use, and the new password again for confirmation. No player, mortal or immortal, can see your password as you type it in.

2.4 Forgot your password?

If you've forgotten your password, send an email to

3. The Object of the Game

The goal of MUD is become a wizard or witch, i.e. "make wiz". To make wiz, you must get 102,400 points. Points are earned in 2 basic ways:

  1. "Swamping treasure", finding treasure and dropping it in the appropriate place.
  2. Killing the game's creatures ("mobiles") or other players.

Points are also available in a variety of other ways, including completing some game actions.

4. Starting to Play

4.1 The Tearoom

Congratulations on finding the tearoom! The Elizabethan Tearoom is the only safe room for mortals. You cannot be attacked by other mortals here, so it's a popular place to come and chat. At least, until a wizard or witch boots you out of safety into the fray!

4.2 Entering the Land

Now that you're here in the tearoom, you can type EXITS or X to see all the ways to enter into the Land where the real play begins. The exits release you into selected areas. A good first choice for newbies is to go IN.

The IN direction will take you into the Hall in the Gravedigger's Cottage. This is an especially good place for you to explore, since it has several useful tools (provided you beat the other players to them) plus some treasure. Swamping treasure, that is dropping your treasure in the swamp, is one of the main ways you'll gain points and levels.

4.3 Swamping Treasure

To find the swamp, just type SWAMP until you get there. It's a good idea to make a paper and pencil map though since good navigation is essential! To convert your treasure to points once you find the swamp, type DR T, short for DROP TREASURE. If you'd like to find out how many points you're going to get for it, type VAL <item> where <item> is the name of the thing you're planning on dropping (e.g., VAL CROWN). The current value is how many points you'll rack up.

To check how many point you'll need to get to the next level, type LEVELS. Other useful commands include HELP, INFO, COMMANDS, SPELLS, and HINTS.

Now that you know how to swamp treasure, it's time to explore! Don't hesitate to try everything. MUD is a game where experimentation pays off. Some places to look for are the cottage, the attic, the mausoleum, the mine, and the cave.

4.4 Fighting and Killing

Killing mobiles and even other players is quite a popular pastime in MUD! Of course, this makes dying very common. One of our most famous sayings here is You haven't lived until you've died in MUD.

Plan on dying a lot. Player-to-player combat is encouraged. Although it's disheartening to lose that first persona, you'll soon find you're fighting and killing with the best of them. Try to learn from your early fights, even those with mobiles, and do chat with killers. Most are more than willing to brag about their prowess, giving away valuable info in the process.

Killing, in addition to giving that thrill of victory, is also a popular way to gain points. The rewards are big for killing other players, which may partially explain it's popularity!

It is often said that survival is the hardest puzzle in the game.

4.5 Talking to Players

Talking to other players is encouraged. While MUD doesn't allow outright disclosure of puzzle secrets among players either in or out of the game, we do encourage hints and trades. Talking to other players is an excellent way to gain some info for yourself as well as make friends!

There are 4 basic ways to talk to others in the game:

Talking directly to another person

To talk directly to another person, type their name and your message.

Example:    Viktor hi!

Talking to everyone in your room

To talk all players in your location, type " and your message.

Example:    "hi everyone!

You must use a " (double quote). Single quote will not work, nor will using the SAY command.

Talking to everyone of a particular level

If you'd like to speak to everyone who is at a particular experience level in the game, type <level>,<message>.

Example:    To speak to all sorcerers, type sorcerer,hi

This works regardless of your own level, except that you cannot address wizzes this way. (Use the WISH spell for that purpose, e.g., WISH,I am new and I need help! Be careful not to overuse this command, though; wizzes can get pretty annoyed if they are bothered often. You have been warned!)

Talking to everyone in the game

You may shout a message to everyone in the game. Quite a lot of shouting occurs in MUD from time to time, so don't be shy about it!

Example:    sh hi everyone!

We hope you've enjoyed our brief description of MUD and find this information useful. See you in The Land!