WizTerm32 Bugs

and unimplemented features

WizTerm32 is a work in progress, and as such has a number of bugs. Also, there are a number of features missing before it can become a worthy successor of the old DOS version of WizTerm. This page tracks all known bugs in WizTerm32 and those features which I intend to or have been asked to implement.

Unlike Microsoft, I will generally try to shorten the list of bugs before I add new features.


  1. All reported bugs have been fixed. Maybe this is a bug in and of itself? But seriously: If you think there's something wrong with the latest version, please let me know!

Unimplemented Features

  1. Cut&paste from main screen and backscroll window
  2. $FIND, $NEXT and $PREV for searching the backscroll buffer

Please email me if you discover new bugs or think of useful features you'd like to see which are not mentioned above.

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